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Attic Mold

Attics are one of the most common places where you might find mold in your home. While you might be content to leave the mold since it’s not in your living space, mold in your attic can be just as dangerous as any other mold in your home. If you find mold in your attic, you should immediately call our office for your consultation and quotation.

Why Does Mold

Grow In Attics?

Attics are a very common place for mold because of the conditions that are in most attics. Usually, attics are cold, sometimes damp, and very dark. These are ideal conditions for mold to grow. In addition, they are very rarely cleaned by homeowners and that allows mold growth to go unnoticed, for the most part. Attics present the perfect opportunity for mold to grow and that is why you should frequently check your attic for mold.

What Should I Do If

I Find Mold In My Attic?

If you have found mold in your attic, don’t panic. The first thing that you should do is call an experienced company to help diagnose the situation and create a plan for treating the mold in your attic. It is very important that you address the mold issue in your attic because mold can easily cause health issues for you and your family.

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