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Recovery & Rapid Response 

Zero Mold provides solutions that protect environments from unseen threats,
including mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus and allergens.

Advanced Mold &

Pathogen Removal

One of the tools Zero Mold uses to eliminate all mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus and allergens is the patented Curis 3 System. This includes destroying the Corona Virus on contact. Furthermore, the ViruShield protectant will also protect your surfaces for up to 90 days from all viruses, including COVID-19. A building can typically be treated in one day and provide safety for anyone worried about getting the virus. The dry-fog technology is one of the few solutions to the pandemic having been used in and for Healthcare, Government agencies, First Responders and more, to kill all mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and allergens, including the coronavirus. 

Commercial Rehabilitation and Development

Zero Mold has the capability to manage commercial and residential real estate remodel and construction projects.

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