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All-In-One Hoarder Clean Up Services in Chicago and Northwest Suburbs

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Full-Service Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions Designed for Hoarders

We offer a complete and comprehensive solution for hoarding. Our professional clearing, cleaning, and decontamination quickly returns your space to a safe, sanitary, and habitable condition. Along with clean-up, we also provide mold inspections and check for water damage if needed. Hoarding cleanup requires special skills and
experience which our technicians are specifically trained for.

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Why Choose Zero Mold For Hoarding Cleanup

 Professional Service
We understand that some people may be uncomfortable letting us into their personal space. Fear not, we are quick and pride ourselves on our discreet service and will be in
and out before you know it. There is nothing we haven’t seen before!

We Listen To You
We work closely with our clients to identify items that are important to them and make sure not to throw away items of value in the cleanup process. We understand that this
process may be difficult and stressful so we move at a pace that works best for our clients.

100% Clean Up
We are disinfection and purification specialists with a focus on chemical-free mold removal. For each one of our services, we use superior technology and non-toxic
products to achieve incredible results that not only clean the space but also decontaminate it. 

What to Expect During Your Cleanup

Create a Strategy
Depending on the extent of the cleanup, we first come up with a custom strategy for
each of our spaces, keeping safety top of mind. We then create a sorting area where
you can divide things into piles. We always recommend starting small and working from
top to bottom.

Dispose Trash First
From our past experience, we have found that a large amount of trash accumulates
quickly so getting rid of it first will make the job go faster and give you more space as
you continue the cleanup. Be cautious before throwing things away to make sure no
valuables are lost!

Repairs & Cleaning
Even if you want to keep some pieces of furniture or appliances, we recommend
cleaning them first to make sure they are sanitary. At this stage, we also do any routine
repairs, check the flooring, and make sure there is no mold or water damage.


Deep Clean
Once the space has been emptied and the repairs completed, it’s time to deep clean. We
use fresh cleaning equipment and start from the top in each room.

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ZeroMold did an excellent job.  They arrived on time, cleaned the area thoroughly, removed all junk and debris, completed mold testing and did all follow up work until job was complete.  -- Rick G., Mount Prospect, IL. 

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