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The reason that we see mold starting to form and quickly get out of control, is simply because mold spores are everywhere. 25% of the earth’s biomass is made up of different kinds of mold and mold spores. The spores are very small and float in the air. They are carried on clothing; they can enter the structure by simply coming in on a breeze. They may be present in furnishings, plants or even food that has formed mold colonies such as those seen on outdated bread or fruit. To flourish, they simply need the right conditions. This includes moisture, which can come from a water leak, a flood or excess humidity within the structure. Your ZERO MOLD professional will advise you on ways that you can reduce the excess moisture and humidity within your structure which will aid in keeping mold at bay.


Our Technicians and Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your mold problems. In many cases, they will not remove drywall from your home, which will eliminate expensive deconstruction and reconstruction. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times.

How Mold Spreads

The first step in combating mold in your home is understanding how mold truly spreads. Mold is a highly dangerous occurrence in your home, and successfully fighting it takes an in-depth understanding of how it spreads within your home and what conditions in the home are ideal for mold spreading and growing. To spread, mold only needs the presence of moisture, which is not very difficult to attain. However, if you are able to reduce the amount of moisture in your building, then you will have some success in fighting the continued spreading of mold.


Though we know how mold grows in the first place (presence of moisture on a large scale), what is really important is how mold spreads throughout a property or home. On a microscopic level, mold grows from place to place using roots that are called hyphae. In addition to the roots taking hold of whatever is around them, mold can also create small seeds that are released and carried to a new destination, where they take root. Most of the time, these seeds are so light that they can be carried along by wind, water, or other elements.


One of the lesser-known factors that leads to the increased spread of mold is the carrying of mold on clothing. You can easily be responsible for the spreading of mold without even knowing it if seeds are able to attach to your clothing and hitch a ride wherever you are going. You should be diligent in washing your clothes to prevent this from happening.


Mold is a very resistant and persistent life form, and if you have no understanding of how it grows, you will have a very difficult time fighting it off when it appears.


Zero Mold prides itself on using world class products and innovative technology for the betterment of our consumers, which creates memorable experiences even under stressful times.

Zero Mold uses the highest grade ingredients made by world class laboratories. These products are typically found in hospitals and clinical settings where standards are held to the highest degree. 

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