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Mold Removal Service in Barrington

We have over 10 years of experience in the mold & water damage cleanup and use only the latest eco-friendly technology and techniques.

Don't let your home or office make you sick.  To make your Barrington home or business a safer, cleaner environment to live or work in, get in touch with us today. We provide both residential and commercial mold removal services in Barrington and surrounding areas.

  • Fast, Affordable, Professional Service

  • Non-Toxic - Chemical Free- 100% Guaranteed

  • Fully IICRC Certified Wtih 100% Success Rate

  • Call Today: 847-232-0000 (or click button below to call) 


Contact ZeroMold for Mold Removal Services in Barrington, IL

The Mold Removal Experts at ZeroMold Will Restore Your Property in an Easy and Stress-Free Way. 

Act Quickly to Keep Your Home or Business Safe

Mold can quickly form on any surface if there's humidity or moisture present, spreading very fast. In under 72 hours, your home or business could be infested with mold. 

If there's mold present, you can't waste any time. Leaving the mold for too long will cause it to spread further, increasing the growth of harmful irritants and allergens on your property. 

The mold removal experts at ZeroMold have years of experience with the removal and remediation process. We're here to make the process as easy for you as possible. Contact us today if you believe you have mold present in your home or business.  Call Us Today: 847-232-0000

Expert Mold Removal Services | Residential Mold Services

Elevated moisture levels or water damage can result in mold being present in your home. Even if you don't see it, mold can be present in the sheetrock or walls of a home. Mold growth can not only damage your home but affect the health of everyone who enters the space. 

If you've experienced a flood or any type of moisture present in your home, contact ZeroMold today so one of our experts can evaluate your property. 

Commercial Mold Removal 

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your employees, tenants, and customers can function in a safe environment. If you suspect that your commercial property is infested with mold, don't hesitate to contact ZeroMold. 

The ZeroMold Process

Step 1: Contact Our Office

If you believe you have mold present in your home or office, contact ZeroMold today. One of our professionals will come out to your property and diagnosis the substance. If we determine you have mold at your property, we'll move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Mold Removal

Our mold removal experts will remove the mold from your property quickly and effectively. We'll ensure that every bit of mold is eliminated from your residence or commercial space.


Step 3: Prevention 

Removing the mold is a short-term solution. Our mold prevention services ensure that you won't have to worry about it coming back ever again. We'll provide you with solutions and tools to prevent mold from growing on your property. 

The Top Choice for Mold Remediation in Barrington

ZeroMold is committed to making your home or commercial space safe for everyone. We'll put your mind at ease as we eliminate harmful substances from your property. 

Check out what our happy customers have to say by reading our testimonials.  [Read Our Reviews]

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

How much the mold removal costs depends upon the severity and size of the issue. Contact our office today and one of our mold removal specialists will visit your property. They'll give you an accurate quote. 

Contact the Best Mold Removal Company in Barrington.

ZeroMold is proud to provide our customers in the Barrington area with safe and effective mold removal and remediation services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and quote. 


[Call Us Today: 847-232-0000]



We had a serious mold issue and thank to Zero Mold now out home is ready to be sold after passing second home inspection! Highly recommended. Julian Devivo, Barrington, IL.

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