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Mold remediation company in    Glen Ellyn

We have over 10 years of experience in the mold & water damage cleanup and use only the latest eco-friendly technology and techniques.

Don't let your home or office make you sick.  Our mold remediation in  Glen Ellyn makes your home or business a safer, cleaner environment to live or work in. We provide both residential and commercial mold removal services in Glen Ellyn and surrounding areas.

  • Fast, Affordable, Professional Service

  • Non-Toxic - Chemical Free- 100% Guaranteed

  • Fully IICRC Certified Wtih 100% Success Rate

  • Call Today: 847-232-0000 (or click button below to call) 


Why We Are The Best Mold Remediation Company In Glen Ellyn

Family owned and operated, ZeroMold provides residents and business owners in Glen Ellyn a one-stop service for all of your mold remediation and water damage cleanup needs. We have over 10 years of experience in mold remediation & water damage cleanup in the  Glen Ellyn area.  We only use  the latest eco-friendly technology and techniques. We take pride in providing our mold removal services in a friendly, reliable and professional manner. We are also fully IICRC certified with a 100% success rate.

Mold damages any surface it lives on, and can even cause structural damage to buildings. It is also a major health hazard, especially for people with mold allergies, weakened immune systems, and chronic lung diseases. Furthermore, we are passionate about mold mitigation and have the expertise to ensure that your Glen Ellyn home is safe from the hazardous effects of mold.

To make your Glen Ellyn home or business a safer, cleaner environment to live or work in, get in touch with us today. We provide both residential and commercial mold removal services in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.


Effective Mold Remediation from the Proven Experts at Zero Mold serving Glen Ellyn


We understand for homeowners and business owners in Glen Ellyn dealing with mold can be a stressful, disruptive experience for any homeowner or business. But it's also one that requires prompt, professional attention - mold spreads quickly and can cause serious health issues as well as structural damage if left unchecked.

That's where Zero Mold comes in. We are the go-to mold remediation company for the region, with years of experience safely and effectively removing mold from residential and commercial properties.

Mold remediation and removal is the process of properly assessing, containing, removing, and restoring mold-infested areas to acceptable indoor air quality levels. It's a complex process that requires specialized equipment, protective gear, proven methods and a deep understanding of how mold behaves and spreads.

Attempting DIY mold removal can actually make the problem much worse by disturbing and dispersing mold spores throughout your home or workplace. This risks exacerbating existing health issues and contaminating previously unaffected areas. Professional remediation is essential to fully eliminate mold and prevent recurrence.

For are Glen Ellyn clientele we follow rigorous protocols and a proven multi-step process honed over decades in the industry:

1.     Inspection and assessment to identify the full extent of the mold infestation

2.     Containment to prevent spreading mold spores during remediation

3.     Air filtration to capture airborne spores

4.     Removal of all moldy materials like drywall, carpeting, etc.

5.     Cleaning of salvageable materials and surfaces

6.     Restoration and repairs to affected areas

Our technicians are highly trained professionals who use only the latest equipment and eco-friendly treatments. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption while delivering lasting results you can trust.

When you choose Zero Mold in Glen Ellyn, you're choosing certified expertise focused on your safety. We are a fully licensed and insured mold remediation company, giving you complete peace of mind. We also offer highly competitive pricing combined with outstanding customer service.

Don't take chances with your health or property value in Glen Ellyn - get zero mold with Zero Mold. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us restore your home or business environment to a clean, mold-free space.


We are very satisfied with the work of Zero Mold, fast to respond and price was more than fair. Professional results and they make sure you’re well taken care of during the stressful times. Recommend without hesitation! Lue Peterman, Glen Ellyn, IL.

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