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5 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your Home

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Five ways to prevent mold

One of the most annoying home problems of all is mold. It does not just cause an unpleasant appearance, but it also causes significant damage to the structures of your home and can cause health problems for the inhabitants.

Mold is a fungus that develops thanks to humidity and can appear on any surface, not just walls. The spores can be anywhere damp, affecting air quality and wreaking havoc on the health of your loved ones.

The natural thing is that you want to prevent this problem, so here are five ways to prevent the growth of this fungus in your home.

1. Control excess humidity in your home.

You already know that this type of fungus grows for humidity accumulation, so your main task should be to look for signs of water damage in your home. When the spores land on damp surfaces, they begin to reproduce, and then harmful fungus appears.

To prevent mold symptoms, you have to detect water leaks or leaks as soon as possible.

2. Stimulates ventilation in problem areas

The bathrooms, the kitchen, and the basement are places where the humidity appears in homes. So, to prevent the fungus growth, the ideal is to install air extractors to stimulate ventilation.

You can identify the water damage by its smell in a closed room, which can cause problems in the respiratory tract. Finally, you can help yourself with a sealing paint treatment with a mold-killing primer.

3. Dry your clothes outside

Drying clothes on a radiator is one way to create condensation at home. Therefore, drying clothes outside and preventing wet clothes from accumulating can go a long way in preventing a mold problem.

Sure, some neighborhoods may have problems with drying clothes in the sun. The best option is to use a dryer; however, you can hang it directly on the window very early and make sure to ventilate the rooms.

4. Check your appliances

Appliances like refrigerators have drip trays, while dishwashers and washing machines use water pipes. You must check these appliances periodically to rule out water damage that makes the environment more humid.

5. Pay attention to the water damage.

Lastly, if you notice roof leaks or plumbing leaks, it is time to get serious. It is best to request a professional service to detect moisture points due to broken pipes or leaks outside.

If you have already found mold symptoms in your home, it is advisable to hire professional services. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends services with references and proven experience in this type of work.

Remember that this is not a purely aesthetic problem. In addition to damaging the surfaces of your home, this fungus can cause respiratory diseases and reduce the quality of life of your loved ones.

You know prevention is a priority. So, if you want more information about preventive measures for mold symptoms or need a professional inspection service in Chicago, do not hesitate to contact ZeroMold to receive the attention of the most outstanding certified experts in the city.

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