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Black mold and water damage what you need to know

The relationship between mold and water damage is very close. For mold to appear, a high humidity level must be present beforehand, which is an ideal medium for its growth. These affectations can become a nightmare for anyone, even if they do not own any property.

When faced with the possibility of any disaster, either because of the climate where we live or because we are in areas at high risk of flooding, it is best to take preventive measures to avoid a bigger problem with consequences such as black mold.

To identify if there is a problem that the water has caused, we must know what these damages look like; some of the signs you may notice are a musty smell, high service costs, or stains on the walls. Contact a professional team to inspect your home if you see any of these signs.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

In the US, this program provides people with water damage insurance, which allows for quick recovery from damage in the event of a flood. Both homeowners and renters can purchase this insurance, which is going to be less expensive than fixing the water damage once there is a big problem.

Through the floodsmart page, you will be able to find out the risk that your home has of suffering water damage depending on the area where you are. You will also be able to access the NFIP to purchase individual insurance at a reasonably affordable cost; likewise, if you do not wish to participate in this program, there are special clauses that offer all the policies at an additional price.

Whether it is the program or the extra clause in the policy, they will cover the cleaning expenses, replace damaged materials in the house's structure, and treat residual waters in a flood situation.

Unfortunately, other expenses are not covered by this type of policy, such as a temporary home in case the water damage in the house is very serious, and you cannot stay there or the new components of your home.

Although therefore, it is better to prevent these catastrophes from happening. An effort must be made as a community to maintain the proper functioning of the sewage systems, which the city of Chicago does very well.

The flood risk in Chicago is different for each zip code that composes it; a very high percentage of high-risk properties are grouped into 15 of the 64 zip codes. If you want to know the distribution of these properties, you can see the table provided by the Chicago FED Inside.

But what happens when the damage is not so severe?

In these cases, it is better to repair any problem caused by the presence of moisture as soon as possible. In addition, hiring a team of professionals to inspect every corner of your home will allow you and your family to live peacefully in a healthy environment without health hazards such as black mold.

According to the Medical Department of Maryland's Mold Fact Sheet, black mold is a variation of common mold, a fungus that, under the right conditions, feeds on materials like wood and grows to take over the surface and impregnate it with an unpleasant odor.

In some cases, the smell appears even before the mold problem is visible, so it is best to seek a professional service that performs mold testing, so you can solve the situation before it worsens.

Mold testing is a laboratory procedure where samples are taken from different areas of your home to determine whether there is toxic mold.

This test must be carried out by a certified specialist who knows the correct protocols for optimal results; this professional must interpret the results and propose strategies to mitigate the damage.

Do not be convinced by those homemade kits to diagnose the presence of mold in your home; the expert staff will give you the best results backed by their experience and knowledge when doing mold testing.

Health problems caused by mold

Like many other molds, black mold can release toxins that are dangerous to health. In sensitive people, it can cause reactions such as allergies, eye irritation, rashes, cough, and headaches.

These symptoms may seem light; however, in people with diseases such as asthma or those who have compromised their immune system, staying in environments where these toxins are present in large quantities can be dangerous.

In these more severe cases, the diagnosis is an allergy to mold, triggered when the respiratory tract comes into contact with the spores expelled by the mold. This allergy is more likely to appear if you have risk factors such as family history, constant exposure to humid environments, or poor ventilation in your home.

Best options to solve the appearance of mold and humidity

The initial stage of the formation of the black mold is crucial for its elimination; at this stage, it appears as a superficial fungus that is easier to eradicate. However, if this is not repaired on time, it becomes mold with the appearance of black dots that expand, and people with adequate knowledge in the area should eliminate it.

In the same way, it is essential to get rid of porous objects that retain moisture; if they do not dry in 48 hours, a perfect environment for mold will be created. Some of these materials include leather, wood, rugs, and plants.

Also, when placing the insulation in the different areas of our home, we must ensure that they are completely sealed and made with high-quality materials; this guarantees that our home is safe and will last a long time. Only experienced personnel in this type of service can achieve this. In addition, our Zeromold team has the knowledge to provide practical solutions in cases of water damage or the appearance of toxic mold.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we will provide personalized attention and solve the inconvenience caused by mold or humidity problems attacking your home.

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