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The importance of Non-Toxic mold removal service

People are increasingly concerned about the impact of different products on the environment and health. That is why non-toxic mold removal for homes and businesses has become popular in recent years.

Traditional mold removal techniques such as manual cleaning, natural products like bicarbonate, or toxic chemical products are in disuse. The advancement of modern technology has allowed the development of less invasive and harmful techniques to eliminate mold damage because it is a slow process and leaves residues that can harm health.

Instead of meaning relief, this cleaning procedure can increase respiratory diseases. In addition, that may require leaving the house for a few days, causing extra hotel expenses, food, and more.

Is mold as harmful as people say?

It is essential to understand that although mold does not cause health problems in everyone, some people do. Prolonged mold exposure can cause severe diseases or worsen existing conditions for these people.

In severe cases with symptoms such as fever, respiratory problems, and skin rashes, they should stay in another place while professionals resolve the situation. A toxic mold causes this scenario; however, not all types of mold contain dangerous toxins.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicate that doctors should analyze the patient's history to find a correct diagnosis. In addition, they will make necessary tests to rule out any other affectation that could be the cause of the symptoms.

Once diagnosed, the doctor will indicate to minimize this person's contact with mold and use anti-allergy medications such as antihistamines or nasal sprays. It is also advisable to clean and restore the affected area with products that do not contain dangerous chemicals.

If mold treatment includes using products with strong chemicals, the patient's health will worsen. For this reason, it is essential to identify alternatives like non-toxic mold removal for homes and business services offered by companies such as Zeromold Chicago.

Our work teams use cleaning techniques that are friendly to the environment and health. So whether you need our services for your home or business, we will always provide personalized attention focused on your needs.

When should we contact a professional?

When we want to eliminate the mold affecting our homes, we must consider the size of the area where it is.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency specifies that if the impact of water is greater than 10 feet, it is necessary to hire the services of a qualified professional team to treat the problem.

These professionals must have full knowledge of the norms and guidelines that government agencies in the different regions of the country establish as standards for the prevention and repair of damage caused by humidity and mold in the home.

Toxic chemical-free cleaning

Specialists can use many methods and products to eradicate mold and moisture from your home. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you will only eliminate the problem partially, and it will appear again.

Then, when you hire a specialist, they will carry out the appropriate processes so that the mold completely disappears from the affected area. Before contacting them, you need to ensure that the services they offer and the type of products these professionals use are appropriate for your situation.

At Zeromold, we work to provide you with the best care when performing non-toxic mold removal for homes and businesses. We also commit to your health and well-being by caring for the environment.

Products free of toxic chemicals

When contacting professionals to perform mold treatment in your home, you should ask which products they use to do the job, so you can be sure they are not dangerous for your family's health.

Products such as GM6000 and GM 2000 offer high quality and effectiveness in removing visible stains left by mold on walls and ceilings and spores that remain in the air. These spores are the triggers for mold allergy and mold growth.


It is an effective and powerful antimicrobial treatment; the specialists who use it must wear protective suits to avoid a risk to their health. The harmful effect of this product will disappear once step two is applied.

The GM6000 removes the visible trace left by mold on hard surfaces, such as walls or ceilings where it lodges, without affecting the paint. Avoiding extra expenses for having to paint the affected areas again; hence this is the option that is in trend to carry out the disinfection and mold treatment process.

This product represents a lower expense than other mold cleaning options since its efficiency avoids removing the drywall and spending large sums of money rebuilding the damage left by the severe mold.

Using this compound also allows the job will be completed in just one day so that you can return to your activities on time.


This product is step two after applying the GM6000; it has an environmentally friendly composition and is used as a spray to achieve complete and even coverage. This product neutralizes the effect of the previous step, eliminating any risk of poisoning for the people who inhabit the place.

Its principal function is to eradicate the spores that cause mold expansion, and it is a product used on any surface without fear of it washing away and getting damaged. Among its characteristics, it stands out that it is biodegradable, it does not irritate the respiratory tract, it is not toxic, and it is not encapsulating either.

Using these two products when performing non-toxic mold removal for homes and businesses will guarantee the success of the mold cleaning procedure and prevent its reappearance.

It is important to contribute a grain of sand in conserving our environment by not contracting services that still use harmful techniques to remove or repair problems in the structure of our home.

If your home is being affected by the consequences of the damage caused by humidity, you must make a quick decision and get down to work to apply the necessary treatments to eliminate them. Do not hesitate to contact professionals trained for this work.

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